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Victory garden poster. 1918

Victory garden poster. 1914

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War garden poster. 1919

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Victory garden poster. 1918

Green Bean Casserole

This looks really good.  See what you think.


Using zucchini and summer squash to make noodles (Zoodles and Squashetti).  This article and short video is well worth a look.


For people who hate green beans.  Watch the video here

Creamy Yellow Squash Casserole

This recipe appeals to me because of the cream and butter used.  (Yum!)  Betty @ Betty’s Kitchen did a good job of explaining this recipe.  Watch the video here.

Raw Beet Salad…. Sweet and simple

Chef Shane Kelly over at You Tube puts together a raw beet salad in minutes.  Check it out here.

Yellow Squash Recipe with cheese, zucchini and onion.

Cooking guide over at You Tube presents this recipe that looks pretty good and is easy to do.  Give it a look here.

How to make a beet salad

All Recipes over at You Tube presents a really different beet salad recipe from Europe.   Give it a look here and see what you think.

Victory garden poster. WWI

Victory garden poster. 1918

Victory garden poster. 1917

Victory garden poster. 1919