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Victory garden poster. 1918

Victory garden poster. 1914

Victory garden poster. 1939

War garden poster. 1919

Victory garden poster. 1943

Victory garden poster. 1918

More home made bug spray

I like trying new things to see if they actually work and can save money. Check out this short video over at Cup Rock TV.

More on organic gardening pesticides

Another good post by Suzi-t over at Squidoo! I really like her approach to using pesticides. Find it here.

Growing Berries

There is good information over at Mother Earth News on how to get started growing various berry plants. You can find it here.

How to Attract Honey Bees to your garden

I have spoken to several folks who are experiencing the same thing I am experiencing. A lack of Honey Bees! Last year was a fairly normal year, but this year has been a disaster! They have just vanished. I did see one this morning, but I didn’t see another one all day while spending the day in the garden. There have been other pollinators, mainly bumble bees, so I think this article I found over at The Homestead Survival is important and I will soon be adding some of the suggested plants to my garden. http://thehomesteadsurvival.com/attract-honey-bees-garden/#.UaGsmvLDuZ8

Brewing Compost Tea

I did some compost brewing last year but not much. Now that the construction of my square foot garden is almost complete, I will definitely get serious about brewing tea this year, and will do some experiments, giving the tea to half of a box and leaving the other half alone. I will be using my own compost, plus worm castings, and adding a tad of molasses. As to the water. I just fill a 5 gallon bucket with tap water and let it sit for 24 hours. That will get rid of the chlorine. Remember the #1 rule in gardening. There is no #1 rule in gardening. Just get out there and get growing! Check out John over at growing your greens. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqtD3DZV9iM

Vegetable Planting Zone Calendars

The folks over at Veggie Harvest have put together a really good planting zone calendar. You can find it here. http://veggieharvest.com/calendars/index.html


The following link is THE ONE STOP for everything related to strawberries.  http://strawberryplants.org/

Victory garden poster. WWI

Victory garden poster. 1918

Victory garden poster. 1917

Victory garden poster. 1919