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Victory garden poster. 1918

Victory garden poster. 1914

Victory garden poster. 1939

War garden poster. 1919

Victory garden poster. 1943

Victory garden poster. 1918

Meal in a jar

Meal in a jar.  Chef Tess over at Honeyville shows how to put together a baked ziti casserole in a jar.   Watch the video here.

USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning

For those of you who want detailed information about all aspects of canning, this is the place to start.  Find the link here

Vacuum sealing a mylar bag

Watch the video here

Vacuum/mylar storage part 1

Watch the video here.

Vacuum/mylar storage part 2

Watch the video here.

More on Vacuum Sealing

Over at Ready Nutrition, Tess Pennington wrote a good article about vacuum sealing for long term food storage. Take a look here.

Oxygen Absorbers

Once again, Tess over at Ready Nutrition, gives a good basic rundown on oxygen absorbers. Check it out here.

Dehydrating your harvest

We invested in a dehydrator a couple of years ago. One of our better investments. You can preserve many of the veggies and fruit and berries that you grow. They will keep for a very long time and a real treat to munch on during the long winter months. I came across a gal (her name is Tammy) who I think is one of the best teachers in all phases of drying food. You can find her over at http://dehydrate2store.com/ Check out her site and have fun learning about drying and preserving your food.

Victory garden poster. WWI

Victory garden poster. 1918

Victory garden poster. 1917

Victory garden poster. 1919